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B2B : Business to Business
Innovative and very unique solutions to get your firm off the ground !
B2G : Business to Government
Cutting-edge technologies to take your institutions to the next level !
Confidentiality Commitment
We are comited to customer anonimity, we never reveal their identity.

Our range of B2B services

Various solutions tailored to any type of business :

Business intelligence / B2B
Brand Monitoring
Monitor in real time what your customers say about your brand on social media, and adapt your strategy .
Ideal solution for Brand Management and Marketing campaigns.
Makis Fintech
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Business intermediation / B2B
e-Business Intermediation
Get in touch with the best possible suppliers or target new prospects amongst more than 3 million companies thanks to our automated and powerful business intermediation system.
Makis Fintech
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Sentiment Analysis / B2B
Automated Sentiment Analysis
Find out how positive or negative your communication strategy impacts your audience on the web or social media. An automated Sentiment Analysis system to always ensure customer satisfaction.
Makis Fintech
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Finance & HFT / B2B
Market Analysis & Arbitrage

Benefit from powerful Market Analysis and Arbitrage solutions, compatible with High Frequency Trading.

Makis Fintech
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We accept Bitcoins !
Business integration

Accept payments in Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies for your business (physical shop or website).

Makis Fintech
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Crypto-Wealth Management
Asset Protection

We provide powerful solutions without compromise, designed for investors, traders and financial institutions.

Makis Fintech
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Why trust us ?

Three excellent reasons to work with us :


We develop unprecedented innovative technologies, based upon Free Software.Our motto is 'Always innovate'

100% Made in France

All our mining servers are designed, assembled and hosted in France. We are a French company based in Centre.

Confidentiality Commitment

Our customers will always remain anonymous, we never communicate about past or current contracts.

Our range of B2G Services

Solutions tailored to power-up your institutions :

Government Intelligence / B2G
Public Tender Matching
Benefit from our automatic business intermediation system, find the best contractors in order to fulfill all your public tender requests.
Makis Fintech
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Digital & Blockchain Governance / B2G
Digital Governance
Become your country's driving force in current digital revolution.An avant-garde service, focused on Blockchain, AI and Quantum Computing.
Makis Fintech
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Free Software Activism / B2G
Free Softwares & Infrastructure
Get free from proprietary Softwares and third country surveillance. Use Free Software solutions to achieve scale and scope economies.
Makis Fintech
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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about our B2B & B2G offers :

Who do you work for ?
  • Our confidentiality commitment prevents us to reveal our customers' identity, companies or institutions, nice try !

Do you provide other B2B/B2G services ?
  • Yes, we provide an extensive range of customized services, each solution is developed on-demand and tailored to your project.

    Please contact us for any specific service enquiry.

What is a Free Software (or Libre Software) ?
  • "Free software" means software that respects users' freedom and community.

    To be qualified as Free Software, there exists 4 types of freedom to respect :

    • - The freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose (freedom 0)
    • - The freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish (freedom 1) ; Access to the source code is a precondition for this.
    • - The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help others (freedom 2)
    • - The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others (freedom 3). By doing this you can give the whole community a chance to benefit from your changes. Access to the source code is a precondition for this.

    A program is free software if it gives users adequately all of these freedoms.

    At Makis Fintech, in order to manage our infrastructure effectively and develop innovative solutions, we only use Free Softwares !

    For more information, please refer to GNU Project sponsored by the Free Software Foundation

What is Brand Monitoring ?
  • Brand Monitoring is a Business Intelligence process about getting insights about the impact of your company over the internet (Websites, Press & Media, Social Media, etc...).

    With ou Brand Monitoring solution, you will know, in real-time, what is said about your brand on the web and social media. Thus you might adapt your Marketing strategy instantly, according to its impact.

    This solution is ideal to master your brand image from A to Z, and adapt your Marketing strategy in real-time.

    Very Important Note : Our Brand Monitoring solution cannot be used, in any case, for surveillance or espionage purposes.

    Please contact us to get further informations.

What is Market Analysis and Market Arbitrage ?
  • Market analysis is a process of financial data collection and treatment regarding a specific financial product, in order to produce reliable financial performance forecasts at short, mid and long-term.

    Market Arbitrage is a financial operation designed to ensure a positive (or null) earning, with 100% accuracy, by exploiting temporary price gaps between different equities or contracts. At any time, Financial Arbitrage can be made between multiple Markets, or between multiple Crypto-currencies.

    At Makis Fintech, we developed MarketAnalyzer™, a high-performance and real-time Market analyzer and Arbitrage detector, it processes hundreds of Crypto Exchanges over the web 24/7. This service is very useful to compare instantly crypto-currency prices amongst many Markets, do High Frequency Trading or to do Market Arbitrage between several Crypto-Exchanges or even between several crypto-currencies.

    Please contact us to get further informations.

What is Automated Business Intermediation ?
  • Business intermediation is basically to make offer and supply meet easier, in a specific business sector.

    In concrete terms, a broker (mandated by an entity) is responsible for connecting offer to demand for a substantial commission (Banking, Real-Estate, Energy, Agri-Business, Insurance, etc...).

    We are in the era of Internet and Artificial Intelligence, this business model just became totally obsolete.

    Indeed, what is the point to pay for a networking service, often costly and ineffective, in an ultra-connected world where information is accessible freely to anyone ?

    At Makis Fintech, we provide an automated and powerful business intermediation service designed for corporations and institutions.

    Indexing and analysing constantly more than 3 million companies around the world, you will always find your best supplier/provider or your future prospects, in a few clicks !

    Contact us to get further informations or a custom quotation.

What is Automated Tender Matching ?
  • Automated Tender Matching is a subclass of our automated business intermediation system, dedicated to institutions and large corporations.

    In concrete terms : thousands of intelligent agents search and retrieve thousands of tenders (public & private) in real-time, other intelligent processing agents find the best supplier or service provider matching with each specificities of a given tender.

    Save tremendous amounts of time, and benefit from the ultimate cost-effective solution to win even more contracts, or optimize your public expanses.

    Please contact us for further informations.

What is Digital Governance ?
  • For a company, digital transformation is the process that integrates new technologies into each of its activities.

    To rethink and adapt your digital strategy is fundamental to ensure your company or institution sustainability.

    In order to last over time, an entity has know how to adapt to technological evolutions, remain flexible in the events of technical disruptions, and base all its IT strategy upon the latest technological innovations, in perfect balance with its internal organization.

    Makis Fintech is a partner of choice to accompany your corporation or institution throughout digital transformation.

How to secure my Crypto-currency assets ?
  • Crypto Asset protection depends on the nature of your activity, the extent of your organization, and the minimum degree of safety required.

    Contact us directly in order to develop an asset protection solution tailored to your project.

How can my Business process Bitcoin and Crypto-currency payments ?
  • Several innovative solutions are available for your Business to process crypto-currency payments..

    Don't wait anymore, contact us right now to get an advice or a custom quotation.

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